My quests in my κουζίνα!!

Baking makes me happy!!!!! I LOVE to bake, don’t get to do it as often as I would like to, this blog is my first step to  give my baking more “purpose”.  My boyfriend is the “cook” (I find baking to be more fun!!), he is not much of a blogger though, so I also hope to share with everyone the amazingly scrumptious meals he cooks for me everyday( I am a very lucky girl!) . And sometimes we just want to go back and look at what we baked/cooked last week or the week before (calories gained by looking=ZERO) and dwell in the awesomeness of our favorites, recollect our disasters so we don’t repeat in our future quests, the mistakes we made in the past.

So here is to the beginning of our adventures…I’m sure each one will be more exciting than the last and will bring more joy and sweetness into our lives..coz everyone can do with some sugar n spice in their lives xoxo

P.S. The  picture above is of my first attempt at a Lemon Soufflé, it was Ahhhmmaaazinnggg , maybe because I wasn’t expecting it to taste so good (me not being a big fan of lemony desserts), but it was SO good, with just a slight hint of a lemon flavor and all the deliciousness that a Soufflé is 🙂

Oh and κουζίνα is the Greek word for kitchen 🙂